friday things

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 8.28.14 AM.png

i am happy to report that fall. is. finally. here.

which means sweaters. i have my eye on these 5 from mango.

blue / yellow / red / brown / gray

i also want this coat which i am guessing will sell out here shortly. so, if you want it too i suggest doing it now.

i really like this apartment. specifically the dining room. but in general the details throughout are nice.

this is legit comfort food for the cold, rainy days ahead.

shout this article from the rooftops. seriously. send it to everyone you know. like, how did we let this happen? it never occurred to me how confused women are about feminism. men, yes. but women??? we should understand better. i think this article is a godsend.

halloween superstitions and symbols.

a pretty glass pitcher for less than $30.

i pretty much never stop thinking about this garage transformation. which i think means that i am manifesting it.

what to wear to a winter wedding. lots of inspiration there.