friday things

just a delightful tiny bathroom. whole house is great.

cold and flu season is upon us. it hit me without warning. one minute i was blowing my nose repeatedly and the next i was under the covers shivering. i had nothing here to help. totally unprepared.

this elderberry syrup is on it’s way. also for what it’s worth i sent mike anderson to the store to get echinacea tincture which i swear does nothing for preventing a cold but works miracles once you’re in the throes of it. i took 5 dropper-fuls yesterday and i felt heaps better after the 4th.

too soon? this shop is having a sale on ornaments.

this sambal oelek roasted chicken couldn’t be easier to make. an overnight marinade (or the morning of if you’re like me and forget to do that) of 5 ingredients plus salt and then dump it all into a roasting pan when you’re ready to cook.

this le labo shower oil is on my list. it’s a cleansing oil and a moisturizer all in one. which is so great for lazy people with dry, winter skin. plus it smells like mandarin and geranium.

did you know anthropologie now sells farrow and ball? it is expensive but let me tell you of all the painting of walls i have done (a lot) the f&b colors have blown me away and i continue to love them years later. i have used teresa’s green, black blue, st. giles blue and london clay. all but london clay still stand. which i loved but got a hair and changed it to a color i hate. so…wallpaper?

this show just got better and better. i found it to be only mildly scary. but i also found myself completely blown away by certain aspects of it. the scenes where they did it all in one take? so so great. it’s also quite sad. family dynamics shit. not what i was expecting. highly recommend.

i like this very much.