last minute halloween costumes

i like these ideas. i’d say depending on your wig collection or your current hair situation some of these might just require a trip to your closet.


ally from a star is born.

pretty straightforward. choker, bellbottoms, cropped tank, leather jacket, red pumps, bag of frozen vegetables.


holly golightly.

oversized tuxedo shirt, eye mask. done.

ariana and pete.

a solid couples costume.

angry serena.

black leotard you could cut. white fabric paint for the nike sign. black tutu or mini skirt. tennis racket.

the marvelous mrs. maisel.

i like this get up but there are so many you could copy. the rain soaked, drunk mrs. maisel is another good one.

the bent neck lady from hill house.

a long white nightgown, some creepy makeup and poor posture are all you need.

theo from hill house.

all you need is a gray t-shirt, high-waisted, cropped black pants, ballet flats or loafers and mid to full-length gloves.

fred rogers!

raid you husband or BF’s closet. carry a shoe.

i’d love to know what you’re going as!

have a safe and fun halloween!!