autumn scents

for me that is oud, rose, cedar, sandalwood, moss. wet earthy scents with a touch of burning herb and maybe slightly floral. kind of like a basement next to a library with a small window open looking out onto a forest but there’s a fire burning in the library and one outside…burning leaves. i’m eating an orange. but wait…someone is walking through the forest…carrying violets and roses.

i should TOTALLY make candles.

anyway, as a general rule i am no fan of vanilla or pumpkin spice scents but i know many of you are so i have included them. for me if it smells like i want to eat it then i won’t like it. a candle that smells like you are baking sugar cookies would drive me mental.

so, here are my picks for you and me-

  1. tarot deck candle - “incense, turkish rose and pencil shavings.”

2. 34 la redoute candle - “cinnamon, clove and orange float on a warm breeze over a bed of roses, cedar and amber.”

3. pumpkin chai candle - i’ve been told this is the end-all-be-all in fall scented candles. “a blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.”

5. copaline candle - “aromatic resin that exudes from the bark of copal trees. fragranced with fruity bergamot and woody notes of cedar leaf, sandalwood and amber.”

6. english oak and red currant candle - “one breath of jo malone london's candle will take you on an enchanted walk through a forest at dawn. opening with notes of juicy redcurrant, this blend releases a bewitching aroma derived from fresh rose that's softened with white musk and roasted english oak.”

7. petit dejeuner candle - “crafted to evoke the scent of a parisian morning. it combines notes of hazelnut, jasmine and cedar to unexpectedly recreate the scent of a baguette straight out of the oven in a traditional bakery.” color me intrigued!

8. tobacco vanille scented candle - “blended with notes of creamy tonka bean, vanilla and cocoa, and falls to a base of sweet dry fruit and wood sap.” srsly i’ll bet this one is sex.

9. ash candle - “charred fragrance of frankincense, cade, birch tar and cedar wood.”

10. nightcap candle - “tree ripened moro is blended with base notes of rye and barley for a smell that is rich, warm, and subtly masculine, with just a hint of citrus.”

11. pumpkin patch candle - “vibrant colored leaves welcoming hay rides, corn, mazes, and the search for the perfect pumpkin. a cool fall day wafting of hot apple cider, warm cinnamon rolls, and pumpkin spice.”

12. spider’s web candle - “notes of black currant, petit grain, oak moss, and amyris.”