friday things

i stared at this image of french babe jeanne damas last night for an uncomfortable amount of time. she’s perfection. this outfit, which is pretty much head to toe miu miu is how we all want to look in fall. tell me i’m wrong. also it’s clearly fall in paris. :(

sweater / bag / shoes

and if you can’t afford those, then these:

sweater / sweater / bag / bag / shoes / shoes

in other news…

october is bulb planting season in many parts of the country. here’s how. and here’s where to buy. i’d do bearded iris, daffodils and snowdrops. you’d have flowers popping up from january/february and into may/june.

it’s never too early to start planning your holiday lewk.

carrying over from yesterday’s autumn scents post, this sounds like the perfect scent for your person.

where my horror fans at? i’m definitely going to watch this. because AHS has failed me again. srsly so terrible.

going to the biltmore estate any time soon? here are some tips for you to bookmark. for example: i had no idea there were specialty tours! like a roof top tour and an upstairs/downstairs tour!!

that’s it from me.

have a great weekend. go get a pumpkin something. or just a pumpkin.