beauty tips


don’t be alarmed.

i’m here to report that i did a thing that can best be described as one of my finer moments.

i made. my own. sheet mask.

i am fully aware that bitches have been doing this for centuries. literally. but it never really dawned on me to try it. i mean, maybe maybe i thought of it once before in a fever dream. similar to how i think about tom hardy as my handyman. but it wasn’t until i saw a korean woman (go figure) make her own sheet mask with strips of cotton and this stuff that it occurred to me that i could do this too with my own serums and lotions and treatments.

i mean…right?

plain sheet masks available here.

i mentioned to you before that i was on a hair repair/grow out journey.

for example:

i am only doing critical highlights (just around the face and roots) until i can achieve this.

i am also using this shampoo and conditioner and alternating with this shampoo and conditioner.

it’s working.

i am washing 2-3 times a week only. but i condition it every day focusing on the ends and my hair is already so much healthier.

a little bit about the oribe gold lust: it’s expensive. but i use very little and only once or twice a week. it’s FUCKING great though. i recommend, like, a lot. i feel it’s doing exactly what it says it’s supposed to do. and that is:

moisturizes and restores youthful hair without weighing it down, smoothes each cuticle for ultra-soft hair, reverses damage by sealing in moisture to strengthen, protects against future damage, helps reduce split ends, conditions the scalp to promote healthy hair growth

a bit about the iles formula: ok, also not cheap. but do we want cheap shampoo? can we DO cheap shampoo if we have bleached/damaged hair? i don’t think we can. anyway- yes. i love this stuff too. it smells AMAZING. but it also delivers exactly what it claims to. which is: to instantly repair all hair types from the first use. i can honestly say my hair certainly felt and looked better after the first use. also there are kind of special instructions that i like- you apply the conditioner from mid lengths to ends, then comb through from roots to ends. so the product is distributed but less so at the scalp. you then rinse but leave a leeeetle bit of residue on the ends. also they sent a sample of their finishing serum (which is holy ding dong good)-

It will make thin hair feel thicker and thick coarse hair feel more tamed without ever weighing the hair down. This serum can also be applied daily on the outer surface of dry hair to tame frizz and protect from humidity and color fade.

also a couple days a week before i workout i apply a few drops of rosemary essential oil to my scalp and massage it in. the heat from my workout does things to it and i feel like i am stimulating all the tiny hair growing people that live under my scalp.

i have also been taking these vitamins.

that’s it from me.

tell me all the hair growing/repairing tips.