self love


the sales have begun and net-a-porter is offering 50% off right now.

after a not-so-quick look around these are my picks:

  1. this velvet bodysuit has a gorgeous open back and would work for a date night or a holiday party.

  2. speaking of parties. these earrings could take a t shirt and jeans to new heights.

  3. i’ve had my eye on this embellished bag from attico for a long time.

  4. ditto these boots. every time gilda pops up in my insta feed wearing them a little part of me dies. basically allll the attico on sale.

  5. long live the high rise skinny jean. nothing flatters better. i like these.

  6. this dress is a showstopper.

  7. as are these shoes which i would pair with the dress. (or cropped jeans)

    (oops - not numbered) - white boucle coat. warm and fashion.

  8. red faux fur jacket. why not?

  9. i’d live in this silk satin robe. (over my hole-y t-shirts and sweats obv)

  10. have had my eye on this ganni sweater forevs too. i really love the soft buttercream color.

  11. not to sound like a broken record, but yeah, i’ve been eyeing these chloe boots for a minute as well.

  12. i might wear this dolce scarf but i’d probably throw it over my bedside lampshade instead.

  13. i’ve featured this corduroy ganni blazer before. it’s great.

  14. this chloe bag sold out before i even finished this post (a great reminder to buy what you want when you first see it) but this is a nice color too. this one too.

  15. a cute velvet winter boot to add to your closet.

  16. and who doesn’t need one more pair of lounge pants?