what i'm doing for cyber monday

oh lord how i know there are sales to be had. and oh lord how i know that it can be overwhelming. even to us bloggers who have all the inside 411. i tend to close my computer right about the time i start having palpitations. like, i black friday’d out. i didn’t post. i didn’t shop. i didn’t look at one single sale. and i definitely didn’t go to a mall.

that said, i do 100% of my shopping online. and so, it makes a lot of sense that on the online shopping sale day of the year one should take advantage of things. but what things? ALL the things?! well, i suppose if i could i would. but instead i am replenishing all the things i use every single day (in reality not all of them bc i just replenished some of them) that i am currently out of or almost out of. and i threw in a few things that i want to try new. like vitamin c serum. because i am out and i need new but i’ve been dying to try the vitamin c serum that everyone swears is the only one you’ll ever need. except it’s $200. so, bring on the cyber!

anyway i thought i would share the things i use every day and swear by so much that i am ordering again and again and again. because you all seem to think i have great skin so here’s how i get it.


bioderma micellar cleansing water - this is just one of those things i can’t live without. in the sense that it takes off makeup like nothing else with very little effort. it’s also great for that last bit of mascara that hangs out under the eye that you thought you cleared. just one swipe of a q-tip dipped in this stuff and it’s gone. also great for makeup mistakes and eyeshadow fallout. and i’ve tried other micellar waters and this is the best for the price IMO. (use code: CYBER)


the ordinary caffeine solution - another i have bought repeatedly. for the price you can’t beat it and it works. you can keep it in the fridge for added de-puffing benefits but i don’t bc the fridge is too far. i swipe the dropper right on to my eye bags as soon as i wake up and they’re gone within 15 minutes. then when i go to put makeup on i take a warm cloth and wipe it away. you definitely don’t need to do this but it’s a gel and when i cover it with concealer or foundation it can roll up into little blobs. so i let it do it’s thing and wipe it off before makeup. otherwise i’ll just leave it. (use code: CYBER)


the ordinary resveratrol and ferulic acid - yep. this is a must too. i have absolutely no idea what it’s doing for me in scientific terms but i know that i’ve been using it for a few years religiously and people tell me my skin is good. so. there you have it. (use code: CYBER)


the ordinary retinol 1% - this the ordinary’s highest level of retinol in a product. i personally think it’s the thing that has made the biggest difference in my skin. it’s 8 bucks. bye. (use code: CYBER)


embryolisse lait creme concentrate - it’s just the best moisturizer i’ve ever used and it’s 20 bucks. admittedly i try new moisturizers but i always have this on hand. it’s so soothing and such a badass under makeup primer. (use code: CYBER)

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.13.12 AM.png

weleda skin food - oh friends. have you ever tried skin food? if you haven’t you’re missing out. it smells like limes? not sure. everyone tells me i smell amazing and it’s usually always this. it’s thiccccc tho. great for hands in this dry ass cold ass weather. and i surely use it there. but i also use it on my lips and cheekbones as highlighter. they are releasing a skin food light sometime in the near future and i couldn’t be more thrilled.


glossier stretch concealer - this is been with me since glossier first came out. i like it better than RMS uncover up. it’s lighter. but it’s buildable. i use it sort of as a foundation in the center of my face and on the high points. i use it over my lighter foundations. i’m shade light and it’s perfect for me. it’s decent at covering dark circles too if you build it up. it’s not great for covering blemishes as it’s too dewy. but again, that’s just not what i use it for. i go in with other concealers for spots which i will talk about in a minute. (20% off)


glossier bow brow - i try the others. i really do. but this one is the one i keep coming back to. the only issue i have with this is it’s SO small. i run out so fast. and it comes out with so much product on the brush that i always have to wipe it away. but the fact that i keep coming back to it is testament to how great it is. i use the blonde shade and it’s perfect. i don’t need any other brow product. it darkens and fluffs. if you have sparse brows i recommend mac shape and shade to “draw in” little hairs then go over the whole brow with this in your shade. you could also use the clear version of boy brow which i haven’t tried but imagine it’s great just like the colored versions. in fact i may order both! (20% off)


mac studio face and body foundation - this is the foundation i use every day. it’s verrrry sheer. but it’s buildable. it goes on like water almost and then as it dries it thickens up. it’s best applied with your fingers/hands. though i’ve used it with a foundation brush just fine. as i said it’s light so you either love it like that because your skin is perfect or you add concealer to the center of your face and high points as i do with the glossier stretch concealer. if you need convincing here is a silly photo of me wearing both products. there is no filter on this photo. it’s the aforementioned products only. (25% off plus free eyeshadow with orders over $50)

wearing mac face and body in N1 and glossier stretch concealer in light over embryolisse lait creme concentrate

wearing mac face and body in N1 and glossier stretch concealer in light over embryolisse lait creme concentrate

yes my boobs are huge. don’t @ me.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 1.20.27 PM.png

real techniques instant brush cleaner with towel - this. is. hard. to. find. real techniques products are sold in target, ulta and the like. but this shit is never there. so buy it here. because it’s genius. it does exactly what it says it does. i ordered 2.


blinc mascara - i have talked about this for years. it’s the only mascara i use on my bottom lashes. never ever does it run. i’ve tried others. they all promise they won’t but they always do. maybe it’s bc i prefer that greased up face look (dewy) and so everything just slides off. blinc stays put because it’s not actually mascara. it’s little hairy tubes. or something. in any case it’s great.


illes formula finishing serum - this is one of those desert island products. trust me. your hair will never look as good without it. smells amazing too.

and finally…


cle de peau concealer - this might be the most expensive concealer there is (at least one of them) but it’s aaammmmaaaaazing. also i’ve had the same tube for 4 years. it’s the best at covering pimples and dark spots. i use beige but i think i will go one shade lighter on the re-purchase. (use code CYBER15)

and now for the things i want to try.


melanie simon c serum - this is the one everyone is raving about. anyone tried it? (use code CYBER15)


charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter - this is technically not a foundation. but i’ve heard that when you use it as such it IS A GREAT SHEER FOUNDATION. i want to try it. anyone out there tried it? (use code CYBER15)