coats make great gifts

i have a gift guide in the works. i mean i’m not a monster! it’s just that i’m always late to the party bc i assume more people are like me, which is to say last minute shoppers? but fuck, it’s not even december yet. all that to say- this isn’t my gift guide. it’s A gift guide.

give a coat. what a great gift. i need a warmer coat that’s for sure. the wind chill here this morning was 17. SEVENTEEN. let me remind you that this is atlanta. that happens maybe once a year and it’s usually in january. not november. i was not prepared when i went to take a bunch of kids to school. i walked outside and my nuts crawled right up my b-hole.

here are some GREAT coats.

  1. dark green wool blend cape coat - i love this coat. personally think it would make a great gift for any woman any age. who doesn’t love that color? and the cape is so extra.

2. long faux fur coat - well this is nice. i dare say we all need a long coat that you can wear over a cocktail dress when it’s ass cold.

3. coral quilted water repellent coat - i quite enjoy the collar here.

4. faux sheepskin jacket - this isn’t quite a coat but it sure looks warm.

5. emerald green quilted water repellent coat - basic but not boring. looks warm.

6. faux shearling hooded coat - like wearing a teddy bear. everyone will probably hug you though.

7. canada goose altona coat in admiral blue - this is pricey but it’s designed for arctic conditions, so it’s gonna keep you toasty. plus it’s deadass great looking. also comes in black.

8. brown belted coat - this is so good looking. a little oversized which i super dig and the brown makes it feel very designer-y.

9. hide vegan leather puffer coat - i love the structure and shine. cool cut. it feels sporty and sexy and sophisticated.

10. unstructured wool blend coat - this is a great basic coat that will go with anything you throw it over. literally anything. it’s no bells and whistles quality makes it so versatile. like, if you’re unsure what to get…go with this one.

11. oversized quilted coat - another basic but not boring coat for those extra cold days. i like that it’s a little longer but loose so your butt will stay warm too.

12. belted quilted feather coat - super cute. even over your raggedy house clothes this will take your vibe up a notch.