friday things

hello friends. it’s the swing of it isn’t it? if you don’t feel like you have a million things to do and you can’t remember what day it is or you forget at least 2 items at the grocery store per visit then you are probably in prison.

tis the season! i’ll take it. at least i’m alive.

here are your pertinent friday things..

some spectacular new bowls coming at you hot.

guaranteed delivery by christmas if you order today. (unless you’re in asia i suppose. but if you are just email me and we can work out a different shipping option for you.)

or…perhaps you’d like to give this 1.2 million dollar rose quartz crystal bathtub as a gift. this showed up on my facebook page and i was like WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? (it kinda looks like a giant vagina, no?)

or maybe baking is your thing. might i suggest this cookie box?

i was having a look around the online shop burke decor which i hadn’t looked at in years. and no this isn’t sponsored. i just noticed that they also have a 1-2 day shipping thing as well as a FREE GIFT with purchase of $150 or more. AND..20$ off site-wide with code ALWAYS. i found a few things that i think would make lovely gifts…like:

these cool modern christmas ornaments which i’m thinking you could hang up year round, these wine breather carafes stopped me in my tracks, this cake stand is beautiful and extra special, these paper frames are cool, just add a photo and that’s a really fine gift for very little money, this cobalt blue glass candleholder made me make a funny noise (like a sex noise) and this pink one did too, i’d rejoice in a gift of pretty petal tapers, also this sphere soap in a fig scent and this notebook are worthy gifts.

and if you missed it you can see and shop all my gift guides right here.