it's too cold for a dress

party season is here. i’m wearing jeans.


lately i stan one shoulder vibes. i mean this is a bodysuit for christ’s sake. but the one shoulder thing makes it special and sexy and fashion-y. and slightly 80’s which is perfect for a holiday party and i’m into that too. grayish-black skinny jeans are my new jam (where have i been?) but i’m wearing them as if they were fancy party attire. i like a belt. but you don’t need one. a suede knee high boot ensures warmth. a slightly embellished hoop is just adorned enough but you could go a little bolder if you wanted. for makeup i’m thinking a swath of emerald green on the lids and a nude lip.

other options: obsessed with this red velvet top too. i’d wear it literally the same as above. ditto this black velvet number.

have you a party to attend? tell me what you’re wearing.