gift guide 2018 for him


gonex lightweight travel bag

oh it just looks like a duffle bag. ok, it is. but it’s under 30 bucks and it’s GIGANTIC. will hold everything. perfect for the guy (or girl) who literally throws their shit into a suitcase. mike anderson has one and swears it’s the best bag in the world. weighs negative 1 pound. comes in 13 colors.


terry cuffed sweatpant

for the guy that wears all the sweatpants but you cringe when he wears the grey ones bc you can see his dingle dangle. these are fashion-y and black. no dingle dangle.


wooden spoon herbs hangover tonic

you can borrow it. also i want EVERYTHING from this georgia based apothecary.


neck and shoulder massager

i desperately need one of these. right now actually. this one comes with a high rating and is cheap AF.


deluxe matt pomade

for your dude with a swoop of untamed hair. perfect stocking stuffer.


denim sherpa jacket

yeah. i would steal this too.


south hoodie

so soft. buy one for yourself too.


oxblood dr. martens

a fine gift indeed.