gift guide 2018 for the smaller people


sloth and pusheen

why is this so cute?


kreafunk wireless headphones

wireless parent cancellation.


kids fluffy yarn fleece

soft and warm. comes in a plethora of colors. and cheap. get a few for when they leave one at school.


cropped teddy jacket

all the girls want a teddy jacket. comes in a nice assortment of colors.


shy pearl pillow

the sweetest lil pearl pillow for her bed.


faux fur trimmed plaid poncho

give her this plaid fur cape scarf thing and try not to think of an excuse to keep it.


velvet lounge chair

i remember wanting some sort of personal lounge-y chair to call my own when i was young. this one comes in 3 not terrible colors.


classic nintendo

so you can show them what it was like back in the day. also so you can play with them and know wtf you are doing. comes pre installed with super mario bros, donkey kong and pac man to name a few.


good mood bracelet

here’s to hoping that it rubs off.


gummy bear lights

real real cute.


the children of green knowe book series

fiona was recently asked what book(s) had the biggest impact or were most memorable. she has read hundreds of books ranging from the warriors series to anne of green gables to watership down etc. she claimed the children of green knowe series was the most memorable and loved.