friday things

"Living in the country, you notice the weather in a way you never do in the city. The big skies over Wiltshire change so quickly – I can literally see the next hour’s weather coming towards us across the valley. It’s typical to have a rainy or cloudy day, followed by a beautiful evening and sunset. Or the other way around. When the weather is good, I always try to get outside to enjoy it."

this post made me cry. (bitter, jealous tears)


this also made me cry. but in a very different way. what is this world we live in? 


if i could i'd totally buy this coat. it's a great deal and i don't think one would ever regret it. 


it's time to plant sweet peas


elon musk's mom is a total babe


have a gorgeous weekend. it's already 70 degrees here at 9 am and i am going outside to pretend it's spring.