what i'll be wearing

it's basically summer here already so...

i'd like to wear this jumpsuit because it's really very me. but at almost 600 dollars i'll probably opt for this one instead. 




i'd also really like to wear these kitten heels from the row but at almost 800 dollars i'll probably opt for these instead. 



i predict a new uniform for me will be a fun blazer paired with...



cool tees. 



Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 8.50.03 AM.png

i'm on the waitlist for these jeans.




you'll rarely see me in anything other than my favorite cut offs




as for jewelry i hardly ever wear it but when i do it's usually a trendy earring and my favorite rings




really loving the casual sexy vibe of this shirt dress




i'd like to roll up in this outfit on date night. but i'd need an entire box of boob tape. 


and lastly...


these shoes give me an hermes vibe minus the price tag.