friday things

i'm sure you're aware the house in call me by your name is for sale. it's spectacular. also if you haven't seen the it. like, if you can get away for ONE oscar nominated flick, this is the one it should be. timothee chalamet is everything.  


who's watching black mirror? it's really the perfect series. no two are related. you can start anywhere. in any season. completely out of order if you wish. some are better than others but all of them are pretty thought provoking. if i were going to choose for you i'd start with season 4, episode 1


i want this belt and feel like a total asshole for it.


i also want this dress but feel pretty good about it. 


next on the list of keto desserts


erin spoke out and she did it quite well. i am now a member of my local moms demand action group. thank you for speaking up erin. it's never easy to throw your political feelings let alone your true feelings out into the ether for everyone to judge and criticize. 


i am OBSESSED with this wallpaper


alison wu is new to me on the gram but her food styling and photos of said food are really so pretty. but her styling of things like this are also complete eye candy. she also has a blog filled with healthy recipes and things like tips on how to use cbd oil


i stumbled upon the most awesome youtube channel. a uk gardener who is about as down to earth as you can get. i love watching him dig and measure and cook pea soup. he loves tea, cats and gardening. he is basically me.