sweet little valentines

just a few things i'd like to receive this v day...



 tam dao smells like summer nights and a tan, minus the beach. know what i mean?

and i'm just ready for that. 




i don't even eat bread these days. but i NEED a dualit toaster with a FOUR FUCKING SLICE OPTION OKAY? i'd probably go with chrome and then lose sleep over not choosing the yellow. 





 i should collect robes. this little pink pima cotton jersey robe seems right. plus those sleeves.




since no one will buy me that rare hockney poster how about this darling madewell top?



this woven bag is the cutest.




i would never buy this bullshit for myself. but i would be SUPER excited if i got it as a gift. 




i've been eyeing these coin necklaces for a while. i need at least two. for layering. 




yellow tea glasses for wine. or tea i guess. or votives. $37 for all 6. you could grab the pink ones too. 




tracy anderson wears these during her workouts. i obviously need them too. 





perhaps the perfect valentines gift. paper hollyhocks. since i can't grow them to save my life.