friday things


i just spent a length of time looking at pictures of brown recluse spiders on the internet comparing them to the spider that was hanging out on my wall that i just killed. you know when you do that? and then for the rest of the day it feels like you're standing in a pit of spiders?

i don't think it was a BR. but i'll never be fully convinced. 




still riding both trains (BP and IF) and still trying to figure out the best BP coffee formula. 

somedays i omit the butter and just do the MCT oil, which has been the bulletproof brand brain octane. some days i do just the butter. and other times, pure coconut oil and butter. 

here's the takeaway...for ME:

coconut oil is, just, NO. mainly bc i can't stand the taste in my coffee. 

bulletproof brain octane feels like i just did a tremendous amount of cocaine but in a good way. it also makes me feel like i'm going to puke. so when i have reduced the amount of oil it helps me feel less nauseous but then i don't get that awesome energy. 

i like the butter. i think it's yummy. and since i practice IF i need that butter in addition to the oil to help me feel satiated 'til feedin' time. also i can't do black coffee. so there's that. 


not only does it eliminate that oiliness that makes me gag but it makes coffee creamier than the butter and oil combo. and it has more MCTs than coconut oil. so that's that energy thing covered.  

as for the's working out great. it was REALLY difficult for me at first. but after about 2 weeks (i know that's long. but worth it) i finally feel like i can easily go 16 hours without food. some people adapt much quicker. men specifically. but some women too. reduced insulin levels is the goal. my body makes ZERO insulin being a type 1 diabetic so i have to inject. since doing IF and a keto diet my insulin needs have gone WAY down. but i've been a diabetic for almost 20 years and that's a lot of insulin abuse to regulate blood sugar so i had a long way to go (still do) to get my body back on track metabolically

i've lost inches but not weight. not really anyway...maybe a few pounds...2? 3? but i am leaner everywhere. also completely eliminated food bloating and gas. 

if you want to understand keto better and gain A LOT recipes i highly recommend this book.

if you want to understand IF better i highly recommend this book.

some downsides to all of it: 

i am nauseous a lot. randomly. after drinking the oily coffee, but also sometimes just after eating anything. hoping this is part of the process and that it goes. 

hot flashes. these are not fun. and they started like 2 days after doing all of it. also hoping these pass. 


these keto brownies look promising...





i have been eating a lot of hardboiled eggs. and scrambled eggs. and eggs in general. you can make your own everything bagel spice and put it on your eggs. it's really good on eggs. and probably other things. 


oh and i made this cauliflower crust pizza the other day and it turned out exceptional. however, all that cheese did not make for an exceptional next day. live and learn i guess. crust was great though. 


you guys see this airstream makeover? SO good. 


ok then. have a great weekend.