friday things

this pretty shot via carolina irving textiles



we're on a real curb appeal kick around here. which deserves it's own post. which i am planning. 

really feeling this local bungalow's vibes. 



the other day i was in my closet reaching for my boots, AGAIN. and that just wasn't what i wanted. i was officially SO DONE with boots. and then i realized i didn't have what i wanted. i had a shoe in my head. low heel, bright red or some variation of that shade. coral maybe? an ankle strap definitely. very lady-like. it's just what i wanted to wear with jeans. and this morning i found them



but dangit if i'm not in love with these rose suede mules from rachel comey too. 

my size is all sold out, so, if yours hasn't i really really suggest you grab them if you love them bc they will sell out in the blink of an eye. 


i heard this stuff will visibly lift and firm your face in as little as 3 weeks. the magic of purslane or something. i think we should all test it. lord knows it's my skin's fatal flaw. *sagging* *shudder*



i. must. have. this. palette



shaved fennel and tuna salad with preserved lemon. sounds exactly like what i want to eat for lunch. fast and easy too. 


just bought this brass faucet and it's really nice. very heavy and solid. looks and feels a lot pricier than what it actually cost. i am going to age it. say a prayer.  (and yes i know it comes in an aged brass option. i don't like it. i'm hoping my version is better. hence the prayer request)