the word

 how's keto going for you? for me i've adopted a pretty lax approach. and by lax i think i mean i have mostly stopped. first of all i started the bulletproof coffee thing because it helped to satiate me during the last few hours of my intermittent fasting time. now i find i don't really need it. i am ok with just a cup of coffee with organic, grass fed heavy cream. i find that to be better than nearly a full cup of some nut milk that tastes like shit and my coffee is still mostly black. i use so little of the cream to get the perfect cup of coffee. that said, on occasion i will do a full BP coffee if i know i need that extra bit of something. and if my blender is clean. which very often it isn't and as a very important side note- a person should have 2 blenders. 

as for the keto diet, i just find it to be really hard. i find myself reaching for things that are keto as fuck but also maybe not so good for me? for instance, pork wrapped in pork. 

but beyond that it just feels unrelenting and inflexible. aaaaaalllllllll that fat, and proportions and ratios and carb ups and ketosis and macros and what the fuck is that anyway? i am confused by a lot of it. and overwhelmed. i don't want eating to feel like that. 

i like food. i like fries. i like cake. i like spaghetti. i DO NOT like zoodles. YOU ARE NOT PASTA AND YOU NEVER WILL BE. 

so i have been thinking about not thinking about food for a while. do like elsa and let it go.

i'm going to keep fasting. 16/8 if i can. but it's usually 14/8 and that's ok. i like fasting. it feels right. 

i will continue to eat cauliflower crust pizza though cuz that shit is bomb!