friday things

fashion week is almost it over? i wasn't into it this year. 

but a good compendium of fashion week street style posts still inspires me even if it's all baggy coats and combat boots. which, i have to say looks better than it sounds. 


you should stop what you're doing right now to read 

this article on all the arguments against better gun control by a gun advocate. 


my husband says this podcast should be required listening for everyone. 


these lilac asymmetrical mules with a lucite heel are springy and cute. and cheap. 


i really want this cleansing balm. i just love a cleansing balm. and i love them most when they aren't filled with garbage. also this facial clay soap for fiona. baby girl needs a regimen. 


this is the perfect spring every day bag for me. the question is english saddle or tinted blush?

but i really love this one too. and it's 30% off! leopard for all seasons!