outdoor vibes


you know at the beginning of the year when you set your intentions?

the only intention i set (FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR) was to get our yard/garden/outdoor living spaces in order. 

we have made some progress but not much and not enough. 

we're still in clean up/clear out mode. we planted some grass. i potted some peach-y pink azaleas. there is so. much. to. do. 

next on the list is a (small and narrow) brick path. and then to get the vegetable beds sorted. 

there are still trees and shrubs to be removed and many to be planted in their place. 

then pressure wash all the things then paint the house! 

oh lord jesus this will make all the difference. 

i've heard BM china white is a great white for a house. not too warm, not too cold. 

i am 100% sold on a glossy black door. i just think there's nothing better. BM 10 downing street is my pick. 

we definitely need a new porch light. i'd love something french and vintage. i'd also be ok with  this

and i am always searching for a wire plant stand that looks like it came from europe. without those european prices. 

i'd fill it with ferns. 

i'm kind of obsessed with the tribal looking rugs in the photo with the pink chairs. does anyone know what their proper name is? 

i LOVE these big concrete seashell planters

i need a long table for the porch too, so you all can come over and enjoy my efforts. i'd like something cheap and wood that i can paint. this one is not that one. but i think it'd be pretty easy to build. 

the outdoor light situation is bad. they're all either broken, ugly or ugly AND broken. i'd replace them with this affordable gooseneck sconce from barn light electric. 

we definitely need an umbrella out back or a full on arbor with the fastest growing vine in town. because summer is coming and our deck is uninhabitable starting in june. but it's private out there and close to the grill so we need to deal with life already. and a table that can hold cocktails please.