friends it's been quite a week. one of my good friends passed away suddenly at the age of 42. not sure his sleep but heart related we think. i've been sad, scared, haunted, reminded, humbled, freaked out, etc. if this were a role i was auditioning for the breakdown would read: haggard- like she hasn't slept in days, looks like she smells of alcohol and cigarettes. always wiping her sweaty palms on the tops of her pants. overall swollen appearance. heart of gold! 

i'll be ok. life continues. spring is here. the birds are singing and the weather is beautiful. a welcome distractor. i'm working on a porch situation so that i can enjoy it fully. seating is there and it's excellent. pink cushions atop bamboo and rattan, fun plenty of surfaces for your drink. i'd like some storage though. a place for my gardening tools and whatnots. something exactly like the wardrobe pictured above. dark wood, slightly battered, vintage vibes. this one comes from everything but the house. i'm pretty obsessed with ebth. i check it every day for sales in my area and then i follow the things i like. i never bid because i always forget. but it's my first internet stop for the day. and it brings me joy. 



pansies are coming to my shop. violas? i think they're the same thing. or mostly. something about the petals maybe. 



i made this tofu dish and it was a winner. 



i want to make this turnips and greens in miso ham broth. sounds fancy and humble. 



i'm considering this kaftan. or this one. for the porch.


that's all i got. have a wonderful holiday/spring break/weekend/week.