march vibes


it's march and i'm into it. 

tabarka studio byzantine 5 tiles- i could spend days on this site and never be able to choose. 

leather biker jacket - the perfect spring jacket to wear with denim and a feminine heel

metal and fringe chandelier - i just love this and think there's a room here with the tile (fireplace surround) and the blue zebra chairs

vintage japanese botanical mugs - is there anything more spring-like? 1 for your toothbrush. 1 for your desk. 1 for drinking. 

campaign style bamboo desk - wicker forever. this piece is versatile. perfect in an entry. as a cocktail set up. a vanity. i like a piece of furniture that can re-invent itself. 

linen print pillows - sandberg raphael vibes. i don't think you could go wrong with these. 

black and white striped love seat - yes. 

crepe dress - so good it's gone. :(

ceramic rose for table or wall - i really love this. i'd definitely hang it. 

lilac mule - really cute with jeans. also really cheap. 

background art / background green