friday things


i'd be pretty devastated if gardenista/remodelista stopped posting. which is why i don't complain when they post the same shit. specifically this article which, i think, is posted once a year. every year they post it and every year i am reminded that i need to do all the things. 

we are in the process of pulling out holly bushes. by we i mean mike anderson. who is literally pulling them out using a combination of his own strength and a shovel. it is recommended you pull holly bushes out of the ground with A CAR. that has a chain tied to it and the bush. 

never plant holly. ever. 


the streetstyle posts are sliding into my DMs and i'm back on track. not dead over everything because i am REALLY over coats in general. but digging this leather overall/shoulder baring top situation, and this structural coat/jean situation (the boots!). 


this. lol "eliot" 


these literally gave me flutters. 


i'm kinda into this low carb tuna casserole idea. the midwesterner in me will always love a tuna casserole. 


i love this pendant for a dining room and it's a REALLY great price. 


spring is close and these would be cute planted with daffodils.