reader request : wedding dress woes

welcome to another addition of reader requests. where you ask me about life things and i try to help. it's fun for all of us. 

you can see some past reader requests here and here. it really is some of my best work. 

today's request comes from angela. this is what she said:

I am getting married. I hate wedding dresses with a passion (both their inflated price tag and their tendencies to be bedazzled and pouffy). Would you have any thoughts on what to wear for a low key taco party/bonfire in a NH field in August that will just so happen to involve approx. 15 minutes of me being stared at while I say a vow? (Like, I love that lavender silk dress you just posted, but I am not a lavender kinda gal)

the lavender dress she's referring to is this one

she also asked me about wedding decor which is next. but first dresses. 


i found some casual to casual-ish dresses and one acutal wedding dress that is really lovely and not at all bedazzled or poufy. 

my choices were based on a few things apart from the lack of dazzle 'n' pouf...

1. a new hampshire field in august. ok i've never been to new hampshire but a field is a field and august is august. so it had to not sweep the floor and it had to breathe. 

2. price. had to be around or under 500 bucks. (most of them are under. some way under)



sol dress (comes in 3 colors)

first up is this pretty, gauzy frock from doen. basically any dress from doen is casual wedding vibes. and totally something you could wear again if you wanted to. but i think it's weird to wear your wedding dress again. that's me. this dress, yes, it's a little frilly. but it's also just really romantic and pretty. 


ash dress ( 3 colors also)

another from doen. this one is definitely frill free but totally unique and cool. 



silk satin midi dress

classic, comfy, pretty, sexy. you have to have perky little boobs. but if you do, man i would go this route for sure. i have the exact opposite of perky little boobs so i could never. could wear a flat sandal and amazing jewelry all while showing off your tan. if that's your thing. 



topanga gown

this is bride in a field to me. full stop. the model is giving me exact vibes. the hair, the shoe, the earrings. it's saying yes, i'm a bride but i am also here to eat, drink, dance and be merry. 


floral print wrap crepe dress

a wrap dress is the most flattering and comfortable of all the dresses. 

i really like the red roses. i also think it'd be really cool to wear an ankle boot and lots of bohemian jewelry for that REALY causal country look. eat them tacos girl. 



buttercream silk gown

this is the most bridal of the bunch i think. but it's soooo pretty. it's also rentable. which i think is a brilliant idea. my dress has sat in the box that it was preserved in since i took it off 18 years ago. so i think renting is a great idea. but brides generally are obstinate assholes who want what they want. i know, i was one of them. pro tip: take the honeymoon of your dreams over the wedding of your dreams. 

lots of beautiful rentals on gossamer



off the shoulder balloon sleeve dress

this is fun. white for the true bride in you but black buttons for the part of you that hates the bride in you. 



pink silk dress with tie

this is gorgeous. the right styling could make this more casual. such a pretty ethereal dress.



honeycomb pattern dress

this looks lavender in the pic but it's actually more of a barely there mauve. they say it's pastel pink. i think it's pretty. 



floral print midi dress

this is the same dress as the lavender dress that angela liked but wasn't into the lavender aspect. it's a strong pink but it's pretty. it's also $700, which isn't terrible for a wedding dress when you consider that most of them are much more. 


i think with the right styling these are all great options for a summer wedding in a field.