get u some

a tremendous shopbop sale is happening and as i went through the options with the intention of fortifying my own closet with things i could wear in the most practical way i noticed that many sizes were dwindling away. i also noticed that i am really incapable of practical when it comes to shopping. here are my picks...(also if you see something you like either here or there GET. ON. IT. shit is flying. use code EVENT18 at checkout.)



get you a floral kimono-style dress already. so fucking versatile. all-season friendly. 



get you an a.p.c. bag in rose. because an a.p.c. bag is classic french lady and will never ever go out of style. your forever spring bag.



get you a fitted denim jacket because you will look thinner and put together with very little effort. . 



get you some sunglasses that are on trend (cat eye) but still cover your goddamn eyes without making you look like a cartoon character. 



get you some blush, high-waisted pants. these could be dressed up or down. i'd most likely always do the latter. 



get you a new - that one shirt you can always rely on - for me it's a similar to this one white madewell shirt that they no longer carry. it looks extra extra tucked into high waisted jeans. 


get you some new white kicks. wear them with your new blush pants. 



get on the scarf train. i am. i like them tied like this the most. 


stven405661071b_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_ (1).jpg

get some grecian inspired slides. stop wearing flip flops you animal. 


get you a smoking jacket. one that will make a difference in your life.


get you a smashed high boot. for now. for later.  great with short dresses or jeans. 


get you a good candle that smells like italian bergamot, sicilian lemon, orange flowers, cedar wood, and vanilla musk, mixed with regrettable tan lines and ice cream drips. 


or just get two really nice quality boyfriend tees


and DEFINITELY get a fanny pack for vacation. get two