saturday things

can't stop singing this version of this song




do you ever buy clothes from uniqlo? there are some weird options over there but i bought some leggings to wear under pants for the dumb cold weather and i have taken to working out in them and they are by far the most comfortable pants to workout in. they aren't compressing by any stretch so if that's your jam then these aren't for you. if i could workout in underwear and a sports bra i would. but with tracy i have to keep my knees covered.

anyway...i was looking around for some t shirts for spring (side note: i have to buy new t shirts every summer because i wear them 99% of the time and therefore have to retire them to "sleepshirt" once september rolls around) and came across these really cool graphic tees inspired by artists. in general, i like the cut and placement of the graphic on the men's better than the women's. 

men's $ sign tee / men's banana tee / women's banana tee 

see them all here




i threw together this easy peasy cucumber salad yesterday and ate it for lunch with a side of hummus and rice chips. really really delicious. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 11.16.06 AM.png

i cannot escape this product from blowing up all of my feeds. dr. barbara sturm's hyaluronic serum has a serious cult following. a cult of rich women apparently. i really want to try it but at $300 that's not happening any time soon. so i am going to stick with my VERY affordable hyaluronic serum from the ordinary and take a purslane supplement. since the purslane is apparently the secret ingredient? 


and yes, i know that i owe you all a post on the ordinary products i use. i get SO many inquiries on instagram. it's coming i promise.