for the home

i've seen a few things worthy of your attention...


i think these tribal frieze textiles are just so cute. as a framed wall hanging, above a door, a window..etc.


i have touched, sat on, looked at and pondered the mina sofa in blossom velvet at anthropologie. i can vouch for it. it's gorgeous. the pink is PERFECT. a bit like watered down watermelon. neither too blue or too red. 


i do love a needlepoint pillow. these are fun. 


this portrait of a mexican girl is at the TOP of my list. 


i still love a bug under glass. i just think they add a lot for very little. i love them paired together but also, just one, centered above a bed. something about the scale is cool to me. i really like the cicada here. very southern. but lots to choose from here


there are a lot of woven/rattan/bamboo/wicker tray iterations out there. the serena and lily bedford tray is the best i've seen in person. it's roomy and well made. 


this new peel & stick wallpaper from TARGET is giving me hunt slonem vibes. 


the coolest vintage blush and navy square cocktail glasses


vintage ceramic banana bowls. all the dips. 


super cute rattan fan back chair ALSO FROM TARGET. 


a very affordable and very handsome linen blend tablecloth.


pair it with these seagrass placemats for $9.99 each. also those square cocktail glasses up there for the beginnings of a real cute table situation.