friday things


i've seen bits of beychella but i need to see more. yet every link anyone has sent me tells me it's been removed. i get it. tidal (the subscription service that hoards all of beyonce's music and videos) snatched that shit like a bad weave off the internet. so....if anyone has a link send it to your girl. 


this trench coat is very good. i have never owned a trench coat in my life. i don't know why....maybe because it goes from freezing to hot here pretty quick and there's just no need for it? they can really pull together an outfit though don't you think? 


this roasted beet salad is on my lunch, party of one list. 


a spring storm home safety checklist seems right. we have a really really really large oak tree in our back yard that hovers over our house rather forebodingly. over the years the ivy has gotten out of control covering the tree and is almost to the top of the biggest part of the trunk....before the trunk breaks off into this bad? 


this little oyster bar in new orleans made me really want to open a small restaurant. the decor is perfect but it's the size here that i'm really after. needless to say my next trip to new orleans i'm staying at the ace and spending every evening here


i've created a spring shopping board so that when i need to shop everything is all in one place. and i can see it all together as if it were my closet.


hope you have a great weekend and your weather is spectacular.