spring break came and went


i'm doing this new thing where i drink warm water with lemon, salt and cayenne first thing in the morning. BEFORE coffee. can you even?! this is supposed to detoxify my liver and boy does it need it. once i'm drinking it i'm fine but let me tell you hot lemon water does NOT help you get out of bed the same way coffee does. 


the wisteria here has come and gone and i never smelled it once. this fact has me tangibly depressed. i can't stop thinking what if i died before next spring and i'll never smell it again??!! 

this is normal right?


i desperately need new clothes for warmer weather. like state of emergency need. 

i just don't know where to begin. is there a list of shopping types somewhere? because my shopping type is "buys for occasion". i need to be more practical when it comes to buying. i'm like a magpie. i see a floral, a color, a cheap price on something that will work when i don't really need it and i rationalize. for example: i need a few pairs of pants that go with everything but aren't "work" pants and some t shirts and blouses and possibly a summery blazer but i will buy the trendy jumpsuit EVERY TIME. isn't there something called a capsule wardrobe? i need that i think. 


i've quit dairy again. i was embracing the dairy during the keto phase. now not even butter. a little ghee in cooking i will allow. i still say dairy makes your skin look like shit. in all aspects. cellulite too. btw this is the only coffee creamer that doesn't taste terrible. it's also one of the only ones i have found that has zero sugar. it's also pretty damn creamy. 


i'd like to move in here for the summer and paint and steam vegetables and drink my fucking warm lemon water.