may vibes


i am very fond of st. giles blue. i have it on my own walls in my sitting room and i still get psyched about it. it looks very good with pink. like that painting. which hangs against said paint in said sitting room. i mean, i'm all for you buying it if it makes you happy. it certainly makes me happy. 

i've grown quite fond of citrine velvet over the last few years. really enjoy it on this mid century sofa. and my love for shells will never die, so, super excited to have come across velvet shell pillows

shell busts are at the very top of my list of useless pretty things. 

how cute are these wicker tulip sconces? just so extra in a little girl's room or powder room. 

these beaded chairs are called yuroba chairs and they are quite expensive. but they're beaded so i give them a break. i imagine beading them is a form of torture. so throw your money at it and never look back. they are useful works of art. my cats would kill one tho. 

i like this little mini tote from simon miller. also comes in a fun orange and springy mint

white moroccan tea glasses. they're just my favorite. 


happy may.