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on the ordinary. i KNOW i have been promising a run down of the products i use and how to use them. i am not neglecting this duty it's just that after several months i had to switch over a few products and move them around in my routine. my face was getting very irritated. so i have since solved that little problem. trial and error, ya know? as in maybe don't put an acid on top of an acid after using an acid peel. ya dumb ding dong. but my loss is your gain bc now i am seeing the best skin ever. that end i DO want to recommend one product for you. and that's the glycolic acid 7% toning solution. it is 100% my favorite product to date.  

i use it before applying serums and moisturizer and then make up. as in, i don't put it on before bed because that's when i use other things that would irritate my skin otherwise. 

it's basically a mild exfoliant that visibly improves radiance instantly. no joke. it is instant. in my experience these acids can make skin more sensitive but for whatever reason this one feels gentle. i mean i only know my skin so i can't be the judge of yours. i think using these different types of acids can make your skin become sensitive where it may not have been before. kind of like retin A does after first beginning. i think it's worth it though.

i've been using it on fiona in the morning before school and her acne has reduced to almost nothing. i mean, she still gets the pimples but after swiping this stuff on for a few days those pimples are gone. 

anyway...get it! i think you won't be disappointed.

and the product review is coming i promise. 

i think the best way is to walk you through my own daily routine. thinking of doing a live insta story thing....does that sound like a good idea? that way you can ask questions and i can answer in real time. i mean i'm sure only 50 people would tune in anyway. i can handle it. 


moving on...

these pants are pricey but they strike me as a purchase i would never regret bc they are so dope and user friendly. as in- so good i'd probably never take them off. (also if anyone can tell me who makes the boots the model is wearing that'd be great. kinda need those too.)


have you seen the new line of paint from benjamin moore? obviously giving farrow and ball a run for their money. those colors though. see them in action here. really loving thistle. 


this tub exists. 


have a great holiday weekend.