tried and true

thought i'd put together a list of the best things i buy off amazon. the things i use again and again, the things i only needed to buy once, they're that good and the things that are on my list to try. 



this is the item i have ordered the most on amazon. i have tried ALL of the purple shampoos for blonde hair. unite's blonda shampoo does the best of eliminating the brassiness from my hair and takes it back to perfect baby blonde. this one is good and a distant second. i prefer the smell over the unite but the unite still delivers the most potent change in tone. this one is lame and i hate the smell. 




this is the second most ordered item. i just think for the price it can't be beat. it's the perfect makeup priming moisturizer. sometimes i add a little bit of the ordinary rose hip seed oil to it for an extra glow. 



the third most ordered item.  i use this maybe twice a month. so this little bottle lasts and lasts. but it's GREAT for processed hair. i should probably use it more. highly recommend if you color your hair. 




this shit is delicious. you can use it a lot of ways (try melting it and drizzling it over popcorn with plenty of sea salt) but my favorite way to use it is in my homemade cashew butter. which i then add to my breakfast shake. so it goes like this: one bag of cashews, 2 tablespoons of 4th and heart vanilla ghee, pinch or two of sea salt. place all of it into a food processor and process til smooth and creamy. he ghee helps get you there faster. if you have a fancy blender use that. store it in an airtight container. i keep mine on the counter because i use it up before it turns (a couple weeks) but if you'll use it less store it in the fridge. for the shake i just do a healthy scoop of the cashew butter, 1 tbsp. cacao powder (i use tj's brand), 1 1/2 tsp maca powder (also tj's brand), half a banana, a couple ice cubes, a pinch of pink sea salt and so delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and blend til smooth. i look forward to it it's so good. 



best tuna. best for your body. best for the environment. they literally test every fish for mercury. bye!



this is my new favorite afternoon pick me up. it tastes SO good. i add a wee splash of milk and pour some lily's chocolate chips into my mouth, drink and repeat. 


i've talked about the greatness that is this dry skin brush before. it's crazy painful but in the best possible way (others just don't deliver the pain). you definitely get used to it. and your skin will be softer than you can even imagine. i fall off the wagon during the winter but i go hard once i put on my first pair of jorts. also because of tracy anderson my elbows are pretty gnarly. once i step it up and start brushing them with this thing they go back to normal. 



i have had this blush for a few years...maybe 3. and maybe i shouldn't keep a blush that long but i have to tell you that it's SO good. this color is called toile. and it's the perfect shade of strawberry pink. it's HIGHLY pigmented and it lasts so a little goes a long way. 



this cc cream is my new jam. it's totally blendable, plays nicely with everything, super dewey and buildable. it also has spf 50. which makes me supremely happy. i hate wearing sunscreen under make up. now i don't fucking have to thankyouverymuch. if you're unsure what shade you are and you are a white person who burns fairly easily i say go with the medium. i'm not quite so pale in the summer and feel like i need to switch over to medium. 



i'm pretty sure these guasha tools would serve me better if i remembered to use them. but when i remember i do notice firmer skin. i've been using them mostly around my jaw and neck in an upwards scraping motion. i recently saw someone use them on their legs at the knees which seemed like a great idea. #jorts4life



you guys very little excites me these days. but i can promise you new dishtowels do. these are great. great quality. look great. great price. all around great. 



my all time favorite face scrub is actually this one from tata harper. but it's not always in my budget. but this one from acure fills the void nicely. it's actually really good and possibly delivers a better polish. the tata harper is definitely more gentle. 



i'm real into these pine incense bricks. i haven't bought an expensive candle in over a year. in fact i think just tea lights! anyway...these give you that "what's that smell? it smells so good" vibe.



these are the ankle weights i use for tracy. these are the 1.5's. i also use these (2.5's). i've tried 3 different brands (including tracy's, which were constantly falling off) and these are the ones that have lasted the longest. 2 years and still going strong. they've never fallen off my ankles. i wash them in the washing machine and dry them outside in the sun. 


now for a few things i'm considering...



mosquitos are a real fucking issue in the south. i want a bat box. i want bats! a single brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos an hour! my only issue is my cats. i fear they will kill the bats. :(



i've heard great things about this book. but i've also heard the recipes are weird. does anyone out there have it? i'm cool with weird i just wanna know if they are time consuming with a laundry list of ingredients. 




these rose glasses would be so pretty on a table with little tea lights. who doesn't love a rosy glow? romantic as can be. also great little wine glasses.