see shell

don't hate on my pun. it's monday. and i still love shells. 

i need a wallpaper like this one only instead of animals i want seashells. does it exist and i just couldn't find it? has to be on a black/dark background. i feel like i have seen it somewhere. 

i do like this seashell wallpaper from scalamandre though. a lot. 

how great are these seashell dragon motif lamps. with their little shell finials. 

large pink velvet seashell pillow. even stuffed velvet seashells are great. i'd put one big one on a bed. or a small one on a chair. 

salior's valentine

shell motif fireplace surround.

papua tiger shell stacks.

all the shells in the fireplace. i do this at home because it's already an empty SHELL. (sorry)

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

brass letter opener.

purple and pink seashell painting. this thing is massive and i think it's real cool. 

brown jordan grotto chairs. i would really love to discover a set of these in some garage sale somewhere. lololololololololllllllllllllz.

ceramic shell planter.