get this mask immediately

i see noticeable results every time i use the hanacure mask. 

it's like a face lift for real. my whole face, neck and jaw were lifted. plus my pores shrunk to almost non existent. 

there was a tiny bit of redness around my mouth after using it. but it disappeared after i used the nano emulsion free sample pack that was provided in the box with my order. 

my tips:

use the entire solution! glob it all on.

use the brush provided to apply it from the neck up. i applied it all over and then with the excess i made sure to really concentrate on my neck and jaw using upward strokes as if i was willing my face to lift.

don't skip your neck!

FAN YOUR FACE. making sure it dries quickly and leave it on for the full 30 minutes. 

make sure to apply a very THIN layer under your eyes. just keep it clear of your eye. 

try not to move your face. i know, i tried to eat and drink wine and instastory it because i'm a clown. you don't do that. (see the full story here). 

 i have no idea if other sellers include the little nano emulsion packet so here's where i got mine.  


you're welcome!