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luxe velvet rounds

i would mix these into your pillow game for a bit of an edge. they also look incredibly cool stacked like this. 



summer candles

i love seeing my pink ones against my blue walls. it's one of those little things. 




vintage moroccan rug

i would like to see this in a galley kitchen. 

and i really love this one too. not for a kitchen...perhaps a bedroom. 



Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.53.39 AM.png

vintage french tin tray

i love a colorful tray to catch the things. mail, booze, jewels etc...



beaded tassel

i like a tassel on a lamp switch, a drawer pull, a beach bag, a pull down ceiling light switch, a door knob etc.  this shop has quite a selection. 



large bobby pin

i've been searching for a large bobby pin/barrette that i don't hate or that doesn't cost a hundred fucking dollars. this one is $15. these dumb bangs i cut on a whim won't hide themselves.