biggie snugs


well if that doesn't get you in your feel zone then i just don't know what to goddamn tell you. 

there has been very little posting, gramming, working, daydreaming, planning, summering, etc lately because of this little nugget. and i do mean little.




snugs aka biggie snugs is about the size of a chipmunk. or one of those terrifying new zealand grasshoppers


we were minding our own business one day parenting our current cats when a friend texted with images of the tiniest kitten you ever saw, saying..."look what i found standing in the middle of a busy road". 



what were we supposed to do??!!! i have a soft spot for tabbies (and CATS IN GENERAL) so duh, YES we took him. 

things were going great. he was almost too good. clean, smelled like fresh baked brownies, no noticeable injuries or bites or scratches etc. a few fleas which we got under control. he was chill. he ate, slept, peed and pooped. he played. he climbed. boy did he climb. he was pretty fearless.


our other cats were wary of him but they kept their distance. except for momo. who did swat him on the back side for getting too close. that's ok. that's how they learn. bigger cats in charge, not the little ones. except the next day snugs was limping. we had no idea why. could he have fallen during play? according to google a VERY distinct possibility as kittens don't know their limits and their little bodies are so fragile. could momo have done something to him when he swatted him? could he have eaten something? roach bait? a piece of dried up paint? your mind just races with the options. we took him to the vet the next day.  x rays were taken and they showed a little inflammation in his left knee. nothing else. oh, and that he eats litter. which is apparently common in kittens. we use non toxic litter so, all good there. so the vet wrapped his leg up and sent him home. what a disaster that was. we removed it that night and he was MUCH happier. he wasn't using the leg anyway and it wasn't broken. the bandage was just there to keep him from using it. which is wasn't anyway. so it came off. mike and i both felt good about it. 



except now his front left leg is giving out too. so that he can't walk very well at all. his whole left side is out of commission now so he leans and falls. it's heartbreaking and i've done my fair share of crying and praying. 

we take him back today to do some tests. always frustrating that they don't do those first.

i am armed with questions this time and all the possible scenarios we need to rule out:


feline leukemia/cancer






send your vibes and magical potions and prayers.


and then lets get back to kitchens of the day and such.