july vibes


better late than never i guess. summer is swimming by at an incredibly alarming rate.

fiona goes back to school in less than 3 weeks. 

and like summer, she is growing at an equally alarming rate. she needs new clothes every few weeks. it's astonishing. i could open a small store with all of her clothes with tags that she never actually wore because she grew faster than the seasons would allow. 

on that note- parents, please tell me where you buy your kid's clothes and please tell me where you buy the clothes for the tall-ish, skinny bean poles? 

in other news: snugs is doing so much better. the vet said he truly believes that no disease, neurological or otherwise was/is the cause of his limping. he still thinks he hurt himself jumping or falling. the back leg is totally fine where now his front left leg (arm?) has the limp. which most likely happened while trying to carry the weight of a fall to protect the back. he said kittens do this shit all the time because they don't know how fragile they are. in any case, he runs around on 3 legs and it's maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen. the sucky part is he literally can't be left alone unless he's asleep. 

anyway, thanks for the well wishes and prayers. it meant a lot to us. 


moving forward lets celebrate summer with this fun july moodboard that doesn't have and ounce of independence day in it. 

clare v. lotus wallpaper in watermelon - really like all the OKl wallpaper offerings. 

bee wall sconce

vintage jamaica poster - i will always love a vintage travel poster. 

crabs in mangroves abstract painting - new work by me! 

yellow velvet sofa

silk georgette maxi dress 

rope bar cart - such a cute size. 

breton block bracelet - i'll take all of it

sun bum spf 50 - i'm a fan of this brand. 

potions of the caribbean - duh. 

straw panama hat