magical artist's spaces

i'm working in my dining room still. which i have to be honest has it's ups and downs. the downs being the obvious....shit everywhere which doesn't necessarily work in such a small house where you can't close the room off if you need to, cats walking all over wet paint (i've had to throw away some stuff i've loved over the years), no real dining room to speak of, paint all over the walls and floors of said dining room. which, honestly, doesn't bother me that much. but it'd be nice to not have to clear out a printer, stacks of packaging materials, tubes in every corner etc. but blah blah blah. one of these days i'd like to have a space all to myself. because the upside to that is i could leave my shit everywhere. but also, accountability. a space i pay for would mean i got in there and worked more. i could work bigger and on more pieces at a time. so this is my intention to the universe....i'd like more space.

something with incredible windows/light, storage for paper (UGH THIS I NEED SO BAD), canvas storage, a white painted wood floor, a large work table etc..



pretty great right?


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