fall is coming - pt. 1

i know. some of you are die hard summer people. the older i get the more i too have grown to love it, or maybe just appreciate it. let's face facts- the summer here in georgia isn't particularly pleasant. not on any level. i was viciously attacked by no less than 7 mosquitos at once last night in the yard in under 1 minute. in fact i had a dream about it. i dreamt that there were 2 types of mosquitoes- the regular kind, and the multiple biting kind but they had a super-bite. as in a single mosquito could bite you several times delivering electric stinging type venom. fun. and i was, of course, bitten by the latter in said dream. i know that i dreamt this because of the mosquito attack yesterday evening and watching the handmaid's tale before bed (i sincerely need to see offred kill so many people by the time this series ends. no spoilers please we are early on in the first season). 

anyway...i digress. hard.

summer in the south! let's not forget the unbearable heat and humidity. so, there comes a certain point around july/august when i am fully ready to feel cool air or just be able to sit outside without the need for plague level insecticide or an ice suit. 

also at about this time the fashion people of the world (not me) are determining what's coming for fall and while leopard always seems to be around (it's a neutral after all) "they're" saying that this fall it's going to be on everone's bodies. and not just leopard. animal prints in general. 

but here's the thing with leopard....it's not super easy to pull off. for me personally i prefer it in separates. unless it's gorgeous material i usually find a full on leopard dress to be somewhat terrible. only a select few can get away with it. and even then, when going full leopard, i feel like the rest of you should be tremendously casual. like, easy hair, not a lot of makeup, probably flats of some kind. 

i think a little bit of leopard is better than a lot of leopard. in general. however, there are rules to be broken on every facet of this sentiment. but for the purpose of all of us being "regular people" let's look at some leopard that i think any of us could pull off. 




a leopard midi skirt. this could go casual or dressy. it can go summer or fall. i truly believe this is one of those wardrobe items you could wear til the end of time. equally great on everyone from 20 to 60.  this skirt is available just about everywhere, so if it's sold out in your size check here, here, here, and here too. 



this is as easy as it gets. and for those of you leopard fence riders, a charcoal version could be your gateway leopard. 


a leopard shoe is basically a leopard coat for your feet. in other words always appropriate. 

i love a kitten heeled boot in general but a leopard version is extra. this season it's all about mixing your leopard with everything from polka dots to plaid to florals. so go for it! you kinda can't lose here. also available here. and here


if leopard accessories are more your thing may i present a leopard belt-


 everyone will ask where you got your purse. and they will want one and you will be considered high fashion. srsly. everyone should own a clare v. clutch. the leather is so good. i love mine. 


not everyone will appreciate this blouse. i'm sure my husband would be like...you paid WHAT for THAT?! but i declare this blouse a classic with flair and versatility. great with jeans or pink pants


i have posted my love for this label before. seriously. go take a look and tell me they are not the world's most easy to wear clothes. to me they are like the clothes for the person who wants to look chic and effortless but has no idea how to do that. i say just buy everything on this page and you're good. 

this t shirt dress is leopard for the day. with sandals, white sneaks, or big chunky boots



i know what i said earlier about a leopard dress. but this one has just enough masculinity to keep it from looking anything but cool. also raey and also great for day with all of the above shoe options. though a low heel would work too. 



 a leopard cami is just so easy to pull off. it's sexy and summery and so very now. wear with denim or exactly like this with that green skirt. ganni is literally on fire for me right now. in fact i need to do an entire post on all of my favorite ganni pieces. the cami and this sweater and this coat are at the top of my list. 


and if you are a die hard leopard as outerwear only person i am really into this vintage coat


part 2 coming soon.