friday things


got a load of stuff to unload. 

like how john derian's home never gets old. it just photographs so well. 


this zucchini pasta on the nights you want to eat something kind of fancy with very little effort. it begs for an ice-cold glass of white wine, doesn't it?


34 employee approved trader joe's snacks. file this under: shit i will ignore. although curiously not on the list is the cowboy bark. probably bc people die who eat too much of it. 


every sheet mask ever. thank god i don't live near it. 


this instagram - a danish summer looks like the best kind of summer. 


 this pineapple, turmeric and ginger slushy sounds like perfect hangover remedy.


but then again, so does this. maybe slushy first?


this soap has been the best summer cleanser. i'm oily AF in the summer but i like a glow so this somehow manages to balance my natural oil so that i can play around with the fake glow. i know, it makes zero sense but if i left my glow up to my natural oils my makeup would slide right off. 


i made this grilled pork loin over corn salsa the other night at it was REALLY good. 

i did not use the pre-marinated pork that she did i just used a regular pork loin and rubbed it with some dry spices. i think i used, sumac, smoked paprika, and a little onion salt. but honestly use what you like. also i cooked the corn and tomatoes for far longer that what she suggests. 

if you are needing something to impress this is going to do it. 


what else...OH! have i told you about patrick melrose yet? 

it's. so. good. i think you should get showtime just to watch it. i think there's a summer free trial going on right now. you can also watch my other favorite show- the affair. i swear i literally get lost in it. not lost as in -wtf is going on? but lost as in - transported? yeah, something like that. 


ok bye.