they're living my dream

if you've been here a while you know that i like to post about farmhouses

i have a pretty specific thing in mind and that is a moderately old house, big enough to have parties/sleep several guests, a fairly big kitchen to cook in, a barn/outdoor space to convert into a dining experience and plenty of billowing, grassy meadows. also fairly close to my home in the city. not too much to ask right?

kind of like what the folks at high ridge farm are doing.


(you may remember this image from yesterday's post)

the folks at high ridge have a real working farm. something that i probably wouldn't start out doing. the idea for me would be more of an airbnb situation/throw surprise supper clubs seasonally. i'd like it to be a must see stop. a place anthony bourdain would have visited on any of his shows. 


the barn and the kitchen are what really sucker-punched me. the barn is quite literally the EXACT thing i had in my head. 

if you want to see what my dream situation looks like from a decor perspective read this post


you can see all these images and more + read about what went into the renovation here

book a stay if you're near maine and tell me about it.