a sunday spent well

i went very deep into a vintage clothing hole on etsy yesterday. i was pondering the prairie dress/western/plaid trends and how, wait...haven't i done this before? in the 80's? i was young but I WAS FASHION. you can see jane aldridge making laura ashely cuter than it ever was here. here. and here.


etsy delivered on many fronts. here are a few of my favorites-


floral velvet laura ashely dress. i think this is jane's exact dress. 


long sleeve laura ashley dress. i'm pretty sure molly ringwald wore this in something. 


black laura ashley dress. this may as well be a ganni dress. or lisa marie fernandez

 how cute would this dress be with low cowboy boots or dad sneaks or simple slides? 


ralph lauren flannel ruffled blouse. i love the color and i love that it's flannel! 


vintage ralph lauren sweater


other items of interest:

this men's RL denim shirt, this vintage sweater, this vintage wrap skirt with western vibe, these plaid pants, this RL blouse with ruffle, this one too, this laura ashley velvet jacket, this laura ashley victorian blouse, and this laura ashely velvet dress


all they need is a little imagination and the right styling.