friday things

i like these jeans a lot. and i like very much the price tag. 



these baskets, fans, bins and containers from africa. who doesn't love a woven basket?! 


talk about the look for less. i mean, let's face it...these are straight up copies. i'm not sure how i feel about it. but i do know this animal print skirt is a lot more $$ and perpetually sold out. so maybe the imitation would make a decent know..until the real thing is back in stock. 


can we talk about catherine baba for a sec? how have i never heard of her? i'd like to be her. or at the very least hire her. you can read about her here and here


these rings are really pretty. and relatively inexpensive. kind of just right. perfect for stacking or one-on-every-finger kind of styling. 


i have perfect english farmhouse and perfect english cottage. so i'm obviously going to need perfect english townhouse. i mean, look at some of the insides


this is a marvelous looking blazer. to wear with your bike shorts (wink wink). ok, your jeans. basically anything. 


20 signs of a hard winter. that acorn thing. noticed it today. it's far too early for the acorns dropping in my neck of the woods. just sayin. 

and finally-

i can't stop thinking about this tattoo

isn't it the coolest and prettiest and coolest?!!


have the best weekend.