the sturdy loafer

i've wanted a pair of loafers for a long time. i never buy them, because dumb. i had a pair in 8th grade that were THE BEST. kind of an oxblood color, made by old maine trotters...a tassel. they upgraded my preppy vibe by a zillion. i've not had a pair since. my tastes have changed a bit and i clearly have a new type: black, a bit of a heel, maybe a dash of hardware. i love them with shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses, no socks and with socks. basically anything. 

i've rounded up some of my faves...from high ($$$) to somewhere in the middle ($$-$$$). the thing is i think a loafer is more or less an everyday shoe so in the name of practicality it has to be comfy. so probably not cheap. but maybe not gucci money either because they'd probably be worn to death. and who wants to scuff the gucci? although i'm certainly debating these


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