friday things

i've let my carb intake exceed my usual limits lately and as a result i have put on 5 lbs. all 5 of which go straight to my boobs (not as great as you might think), arms and gut. the good news is i have lost 2 of those pounds in just 3 days. the bad news is is all i want are those pancakes



i'm into these embroidered tees



make your own comme de garcons shirt with these patches

this stuff is great. 


who is watching sharp objects?  i'm only on the 2nd episode so no spoilers but, it's gooood. creepy and leaves me feeling a little paranoid after it's over but i am completely compelled during. so much to look at and notice. 


12 recipes using a can of tuna. i'm down for the roasted red pepper filled with tuna. would make a great lunch. 


i'm making these coconut chocolate chip cookies this weekend. they are paleo and use homemade chocolate chips! 



it's september tomorrow! 


have a lovely long weekend dear frenz.