the emmys

first off i didn’t even know the emmys were on until it was halfway over. #old

second- who the fuck are these people?!

ok, in fairness…i still probably knew 75% more than the average human. but for me, looking through the photos this morning i was all who dis? who dat? mike, bring me my readers.

anyway…here are my favorites- (in no particular order)

tracee ellis ross looking extra. she can do no wrong in my book. she can wear anything. and often does. no one works a fashion moment like tracee.

ofwarren looking like a snack. she looks a little like madonna when madonna looked like madonna.

kristin bell looked like a beautiful shmoo.

tiffaney haddish is literally wearing the gymboree parachute but she looks SO PRETTY IN IT!

yes jenifer lewis. YESSSSS. (p.s. you should be following her on instagram)

i don’t know if i love the dress, but i love love the color on her and the fit is excellent and very flattering. her hair is what i imagine every red blooded woman wishes they had. and i love sandra oh in general.

jessica biel could wear anything and look like someone you would never want to stand next to but this dress is next level. i bet she smells amazing. also i’m pretty sure i say “i’ll bet she smells amazing” under my breath every time i see her.

i had to do a double take when i saw her. i didn’t know who it was at first. i’m so used to natasha lyonne looking like a walking hangover. i mean, i don’t love this dress but i don’t hate it either and it fits her like a glove. she cleans up well.

i don’t usually love the big dresses. but i did love this one. it’s literally on the only person who could’ve worn it. that said, so many ways to do this dress a disservice and not one mistake was made. her makeup. her hair. her jewelry. HER FACE. 100.

pretty color on a pretty girl. her hair and makeup were perfect.

i do not love the dress nor do i like it and the shoe situation is odd at best. but carol kane is 66 years old and has the hair of a 7 year old. can someone please do a beauty routine article on her? also she’s adorable.

i am here for allison janney and her magenta sequins. i am not so here for the matching shoes and bag. but ok.

poppy delevingne is another one that could put on anything and look amazing and perfect. but this look, for me, is particularly beautiful. the color (especially on her), the earrings, the pony tail with all the bows. it’s a dream. you can see the hair and back of this dress here.

mandy moore has never looked better.

best dressed guy:

that guy from stranger things that your mom wants to fuck.

this guy CLEARLY has big dick energy. look at that stache! also he’s wearing a fucking gardenia for fuck’s sake. intoxicating. i’d fuck him on principal.

and now for the not-so-great:

i don’t even get the context of this dress. is it a jacket? is it a robe? i’ll tell you what it is…it’s terrible. i can’t imagine it looking good on one single person.

that’s a lot of yellow. and wrinkly too. i don’t think a blonde has pulled off yellow since michelle williams’s 2006 oscar dress which was borderline orange anyway.

i can’t find one positive here. the hair??? i can barely get past the hair! this dress is making a mockery of dresses. is the pearl necklace attached? can i beat her stylist over the head with it?

i actually really deeply love this simone rocha dress. but this just doesn’t say awards show red carpet. to me it’s more movie premiere red carpet. also if kristin stewart wore it. maya looks like she will cut you.

anyone i missed? there were plenty of gorgeous ladies and guys. these were just my favorites. angela bassett looked amazing but i couldn’t find a decent picture of her.