mini kitchen makeover courtesy of some sweet LD sales

so many sales. so let's focus.

winter is coming. so are family members and holidays. focus on kitchen staples and/or adding a few functional and pretty items to your counter. 



3.5 qt. programmable slow cooker - 20% off.  sale ends 9/3! 


stainless steel nonstick 13" french skillet - a kitchen necessity IMO. 16% off. sale ends 9/3! 


3.75 qt staub french oven - chili weather is nigh. 61% off. sale ends 9/3!


3.5 qt pumpkin cocotte- because FALL. 56% off. sale ends 9/3! 


artisan series 5 qt tilt-head stand mixer- SIXTY PERCENT OFF! if you needed one/wanted one/someone you know's your chance! sale ends 9/3! 


staub ceramic rectangular 2 piece baking dish set- present your casseroles in something that isn't metal and covered in stains. 58% off! sale ends 9/3!  



reclaimed teak cutting board. 2 sizes. the epitome of beautiful and functional.  25% off. 



lithuanian market stripe tablecloth- just really pretty. 25% off. 


download (1).jpeg

braided bread basket - personally i'd put fruit in it. but you do you. sale ends 9/4!


download (2).jpeg

matte black collapsible drying rack- i like the way this looks. again, form and function. sale ends 9/4!



brushed black step trash can- you know...if you wanted a sexy trash can. sale ends 9/4!


dualit 4 slice toaster -always a favorite in the looks department. plus it's an excellent toaster. 20% off plus free shipping. use code FALL at checkout.