september vibes


louise tuckwell painting - i love her work so much.

cowboy grass by d.s. & durga - "american sagebrush, flowering white thyme, & prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. perfect for robbing banks on horseback." 

vintage italian black velvet chairs - these are so sick and would work in several decor situations.

floral wallpaper - very approachable. versatile. excellent price. 

pendleton blanket - i'm on a kick with these. i like them with florals and ruffles. 

silk satin slip dress - i need. 

preen floral print silk cushion - obsessed with this whole shebang

ganni cowboy boots - should i?

crown tables - where the wild things are vibes. 

honey sweatshirt - those sleeves. also my daughter's middle name is honey so...

sconce - cool. 

chinoiserie chest -  i've seen my fair share of chinoiserie bombe chests but this is the prettiest one i've ever laid eyes on. ugh!

chanel nail lacquers - just the best colors. clockwise- chicness - bleu trompeur - fiction


really happy it's september. also fashion weeks starts in 2 days!!!!! i can't wait. expect to see a lot more fashion posts in the coming weeks. now would be a good time to take requests....

fave looks? what i would wear? looks for less? which jeans you need in your closet? high/low options? tell me.